Clarifye Exam

Exclusively at Focus Eye Care Inc.

We are proud to exclusively offer our new Clarifye Exam, the most advanced and accurate eye care experience for your best vision and comprehensive eye health assessment.


Our staff uses an Aberrometer to provide the Doctor with more information about your eyes than ever before. With a simple click of a button this instrument measures how cleanly light passes through the eye. 

In the exam room, our automated phoropters will be controlled remotely by the Doctor using a touchpad console.  This state-of-the-art technology allows the Doctor to finalize your prescription easier than ever before.

The digital measurements combined with digital testing equipment reveal the unique fingerprint of  your eye.  This data will be used to precisely pinpoint your prescription to ensure that you see your best.

Your digital eye exam extends into the internal evaluation of the health of your retina.  Our digital retina camera provides the Doctor with a beautiful digital image of the inside of your eye.

At the conclusion of your Clarifye Exam you will leave with the most accurate prescription in the industry.  The optical professionals at LensCrafters will then use the AccuFit digital system to precisely place your new digital prescription in your new frame.